Apex Interactive is the marketing company that provides services for the Homes of Minnesota and Barker & Hedges Real Estate Teams. With an ever expanding network of Real Estate Agents in Minnesota and around the region, Apex Interactive was created to tie everything together. As Real Estate Agents, or Realtors, our focus is first on marketing the properties whose sellers we represent and second on marketing our Real Estate Services.

So who is behind Apex Interactive?

Matt Barker — Matt has been passionate about Real Estate for nearly his entire life. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse with a degree in Marketing, but his primary goal was to be an entrepreneur. During college, he studied for his Wisconsin Real Estate license and met with several local “Real Estate Experts” to discuss a career in Real Estate Sales. Time and again, he was told that his youth and inexperience would prevent him from being successful in the Real Estate business. With each meeting, he became more determined to prove the critics wrong. He moved back to the Twin Cities area and became a licensed Real Estate Agent in Minnesota. His marketing ideas have always been a little more “out there,” once placing an advertisement in a newspaper with a photo of himself turned “upside down” just to make it stand out…and it did. The editor called him 3 times, just to make sure he really wanted his picture placed in that manner! With no shortage of ideas and an intense drive to succeed, Matt is the creative genius that propels Apex Interactive and its cutting edge Real Estate marketing concepts.

Brandon Hedges — Unlike his co-founder, Brandon came to Real Estate in a completely different way. He is also a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, but with a degree in Political Science. So how does that relate to Apex Interactive and Real Estate? His goal was to become an Attorney, something that he accomplished by Granduating from the Hamline University School of Law in 2004 and he became a licensed Attorney in Minnesota in May 2005. While attending Law School part-time, he began selling real estate with Matt. This part-time job became a full-time career as Brandon quickly discovered a passion for Real Estate, and especially Real Estate and Business Law. As such, he is responsible for making the Apex Interactive ideas come to life. From the day to day management of the Sales Team to the implementation and expansion of the growing marketing and real estate business, Brandon is the organizational arm of Apex Interactive.