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Sunday, January 17th, 2010

There is marketing and then there is Apex Interactive Marketing. We are a team of creative problem solvers, talented techy nerds, and experienced Real Estate Agents. Gone are the days of marketing real estate through newspaper advertisements and open houses. This is a bold new world and we are dedicated to developing and using cutting edge marketing technologies…especially those that are designed to promote anything Real Estate related.

Real Estate Marketing –
In 10 short years, we have experienced the transition from paper MLS (Multiple Listing Service) books to tedious MS-DOS technology to user interface web technologies that bring active listings to your fingertips. With this explosion of technology, the real estate industry has created an information overload. Enter Apex Interactive.

Using Technology Efficiently –
With so much information available, it becomes more difficult to sift through the muck. Our marketing strategies and website technologies are designed to simplify the home buying and selling process.